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Office Furniture Liquidators

Whether you are decommissioning an office, updating your office furniture and equipment, selling, and/or disposing of your pre-owned items, it can be hard work. If you’ve been tasked with liquidating your office, chances are you don’t know where to start. Even if you did, getting rid of all that furniture and equipment can be an enormous and time consuming challenge. However, we’re the office liquidators you can trust and we’re here to help. We won’t just help you figure out what to do with used furniture and equipment, we’ll take care of the liquidation process from start to finish. Even better, we’ll get you the maximum value for your preowned furniture and equipment.

How does it work?

Our experienced representative will setup an appointment with you to come to your business to provide an on site consultation. They’ll walk the site, inspect the furniture and equipment your looking to liquidate, take photos, and inventory of what you’re looking to liquidate. From there, you’ll be presented with one of two options:

Option One – Sell Your Office Furniture

We’ll determine if there’s a market for your furniture, and if there is, we’ll tell you the estimated value and let you know if there’s a good chance we’ll find a buyer. We’ll get bids from various furniture dealers, brokers, and end users, and will present you with a proposal that offers you the best value for your office furniture. We’ll show you all the bids we receive and let you decide which one you’d like to accept.

We’ll go back to your selected buyer and let them know the proposal has been accepted. We’ll work with all parties to finalize the sale agreement.

Once the agreement has been finalized you’ll receive payment prior to removal of the furniture and equipment. From there, the office liquidation process is almost complete.

Finally, our representatives will make sure the inventory is correct before it’s decommissioned, packaged, and shipped to the buyer. We’ll make sure the job site is clean and professional after decommissioning and removal.

Option Two – Removal, Recycling, and Disposal

If after our initial consultation and inspection we determine there is no market for your furniture we can provide you with an estimate to have the furniture decommissioned and properly disposed of, donated, and/or recycled. We’ll minimize waste and keep as much out of the landfill as possible.

Should you choose, we’ll use one of our trusted office furniture decommissioning partners to schedule a date for removal and disposal.Our network only includes partners who have a strong record of providing quality service and have longevity in the industry.

Regardless of which option we offer you, we’ll be honest with you. If we determine there’s no current market for the furniture, we’ll let you know. We’re up front with you. You can trust that the job will get done right.

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